Islam and Secularism

I, again, have obviously failed to write a comprehensive review of this magnificent book. In fact this review isn’t even a hundredth of what the actual literature could offer you readers. Eleven articles are joined into a book, but I’ve omitted 6 of them in order to keep the review short and readable.

It is a good book, except that it’s too heavy for me at least. I enjoyed especially the philosophical bit, mainly because it’s quite new to me. I’ve even tested to use the arguments presented in this book to debate with friends, and they (the arguments) prove to be rather irrefutable.

One thing that I did not particularly enjoy was the fact that I’m living in this part of the decadent world- doing nothing that could be counted as anything. Since reading this book I’ve complained much about this society, and have one-sidedly only see the imperfections of this civilization, if they ought to be called one.

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