Journey to Islam

This is a good book to read, he is definitely someone to aspire to. He has written some other books as well, particularly Islam: The Alternative, which became controversial for some time before its publication.

He looks up to many people, intellectuals of this era as he calls it, among them Muhammad Asad (whom he had the opportunity to meet), Syaikh Sabri Kotchi from Albania, Mufti Yakub Efendi Slumic from Bosna, Professor Jeffrey Lang the American mathematician, and Anwar Ibrahim.


  1. Salam.

    The author seems like a very distinguished person and it's interesting that you say he's writing from a diplomat point of view... And that amongst the people that he admires, is a mufti, a mathematician and a politician. Diverse people, from diverse backgrounds, only one from a religious education, telling about Islam from where they are, being who they are, a mathematician and a politician. I think it's high time, Islam be told from a doctor's experience, and since I know there are many Malaysian medical students out there, why not Islam be told by us! Not just by Professor Keith Moore. ;)

    Question : This looks like a very interesting book to read, but I wonder..why did you give it a three over five?

  2. Yeah, let's strive to be great Muslims! (er.. easier said than done) I wonder if I'll ever make one myself.

    Did I make it sound interesting? Oh, I thought that was one of the worst reviews I've made; indeed reviewing a diary is very new to me! Well I would give it a 5/5 if I was the type who loved to peek into other people's diary, but I'm not so much of that character :D

    It being a diary, it's a bit jumpy, dealing with random events as it came into his daily life. So you'll find one day not so much connected to the other, and many issues are dealt superficially. I guess we cannot hope for a diary to resemble a PhD thesis, can we?