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Title: Overcoming Depression – A self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques
Author: Paul Gilbert
Publication: Robinson Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1-84119-125-6
Rating: 3/5
Level: Intermediate
Reviewed by: Nur Nabilah Ahmad Puzi

Despite the title, I am not under depression. Just partially interested in the condition. Now, back to the book. In all its glory, the book speaks true to its title, at the least, half of its title. It is, as it stated, a book on cognitive behavioral technique. The book focuses heavily on the definition of depression, on its various divisions and types and colourful external expressions.

At the end of every chapter, a small portion was dedicated to self-help tips. At the end of reading it all, I get the feeling that I now know a lot a more about depression than the actual ways of overcoming it. Needless to say, I was disappointed. But then again, that is what cognitive behavioral technique is all about. Cognition literally means, to be aware of a sensation and also aware of its source. The emphasis here is on awareness. Most sufferer of depression aren’t aware of their condition. Hence, they think that the sadness that they feel is a part of them, it’s who they are and they do not recognize it as something pathological that needs to be addressed. In that dimension, the book tries to cover as many part and type of depression as possible to induce cognition of the disorder in sufferers.

However, although I think the book therefore has a noble intention, I do not believe actual depressionist will pick up the book. They are not aware of their condition and hence will not be interested in picking up the book in the first place. In conclusion, from my perspective, the book is not a self-help book per say. It is more suitable for medical students or student of psychology. It covers many aspects of depression and gives many interesting and valuable information of the much misunderstood disorder.


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  1. Thank you for sharing a very nice self help book. With a little self improvement and a change of your mindset, you can change a lot of things that seem static in your life. Self help books are a great way to help you in this