Field: Others, Islam
Title: From my sisters’ lips
Author: Naima B. Robert
Publication: Bantam Books, Transworld Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-553-81717-1
Rating: 4/5
Level: Beginner
Reviewed by: Nur Nabilah Ahmad Puzi

The book revolves around the reversion of the author to Islam. Divided into 10 chapters that elaborates the journey to reversion, joy and aches and issues of faith and contemporary, the author took a narrative approach intertwined with stories from other fellow reverts (only women/sisters). For non-muslims, the books offers an insiders view to what it is like being a women muslim, a veiled one at that, from fashion, to family, to marriage, even to sex. For muslims, the book uncovers the discovery of truth, the challenging journey of a revert and most extraordinarily, the meaning of Submission. The book, at times, however, is elaborative and winded, and therefore requires patience in reading. A highly recommended book nonetheless.

The best thing I like about the book is Mrs. Robert’s faith and determination. The depth of her beliefs and how it made her want to follow Allah’s commands without question. It is amazing to read her story of growth and the ups and downs of faith. An inspiring book to help us again and again fight against lure of this world and build up our iman.



  1. Eh ada orang dah baca buku ni lebih awal..

  2. oh sangat menarik! tapi this one has just got to wait (much like the others on my shelf). *sigh*