Field: Others (Diary)
Title: Journey to Islam- Diary of a German Diplomat
Author: Murad Wilfried Hofmann
Publication: The Islamic Foundation
ISBN: 0 86037 326 6
Rating: 3/5
Level: Intermediate
Reviewed by: Safwan

A diary, though different from (auto)biography, tells as much about the author as the latter customarily would. This one in question records the life of the author, his quest of truth, intense curiosity, remarkable analysis and critical thinking, among many others, since the beginning of the second decade of his life.

Being a reader, a characteristic essential for a diplomat, Mr Hofmann acquainted himself with many books including the Qur'an, which he found to be unique. Years before actually becoming a Muslim he has extensively read on the hadith and Islamic philosophy. Finally on the 25th of September 1980 in Bonn, he declared his shahadah.

In the eyes of a German diplomat, a new Muslim, an ex-Catholic, Mr Hofmann saw many things otherwise hidden to both the general Westerners and Muslims. In the many ocassions where the former see Islam as a threat, he sees it as an alternative, and when the latter take something for granted, he appreciates it like anything. It was only a matter of time before his intellect and piety took him to another stage; everywhere in the world people longed to learn from him.


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