Race with Death

I shouldn’t actually go on, because my words can only give a limited description of anything I want to share. The Bosnians have suffered so much, and it was not long ago- nothing more than 15 years. Today they live with the physical, mental, and spiritual scar of what happened then. They have survived the war, but they live with its most disturbing memories.

Allah tests and rewards us according to our excellence. Indeed the worldly torments are unpleasant, but the reward is blissful. Each one of us has to be prepared for whatever it is to come, easy or hard, with one conviction: we belong to Allah, and to Him shall we return. Some people have secured great positions in the eyes of Allah, so we have to work to achieve the same, if not better.

Whoever has the chance, make an effort to visit Bosna. Read about them, and learn from their fountain of experience. You’ll find the people there inimitably hospitable inshaAllah.

Here's my travelog.

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