The Clash of Civilisations: An Islamic View

I started embarking on my journey through this book with a fair expectation: to see how these clashing civilizations could be tamed and thus reconciled. I was wrong in that I had hoped for more than what this title says. In fact, this book tells nothing more than the origins and foundations of both civilizations. No facts or any explanation on this conflict were touched on. I’m guessing Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips want us to figure that out ourselves, either by observing our immediate surrounding or putting more effort to read detailing such topic.

I loved this author’s book that I first read, The True Message of Jesus Christ, but I found this one somewhat patronizing, especially if the reader is a non-Muslim. It could be just me, so this discussion is solely based on my personal opinion. However as far as the facts on the West are concerned, they are so enlightening.

Happy reading.

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