Inescapable Questions

How this book can potentially affect a reader (a diary's note):

Five or six days ago I started reading Izetbegović’s Inescapable Questions, and Bosnia has been visiting my dreams since. I dream of taking up arms, signing truce, drafting constitution; in short- all the serious governmental affairs an invaded country would have to delve into. Sometimes it struck me that this material I’m reading resides too intimately with me, or yet precisely- with my searching soul. I would also at times imagine myself enduring a future having similar scales of trials and tribulations, whence I alone- with God Almighty’s help- can and should decide my own, and perhaps others’, fate.

The memories of The Dayton Accord are still very vivid to me, as though I was present upon it being agreed. I was- and am still- deeply emotionally disturbed with the content agreed upon, but all other alternatives were undeniably worse. As reluctantly as one can imagine, the Bosnian Presidency- the only people who seemed to truly care for Bosnia- conceded to the taking of 49% of their long-defended soil by the Serb renegades. It was through these pages, paragraphs and lines that I found my hands, eyes, and heart even; paralysed, not wanting to accept the inconvenient fact hailing the victory of the makers of atrocity.

Izetbegovic would have had to live 5 years longer to witness the long-awaited trial on his enemy, in fact the enemy of every peaceful community; Karadžić the Notorious. As history has clearly shown, it took the whole world a while to even start voicing up against his atrocities; massacres, mass raping, pogroms and expulsions of inhabitants, let alone using force to stop him. As the trial- the first hearing- resumed, I watched closely with all but hatred boiling in my blood, ravaging all other conscience. Indeed, what more conscience can be applied to someone so undeserving of any- like him? Needless to say, with such predisposition, I saw only evil in him.

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