The Myth of Muslim Barbarism and its Aims

I have tried, but realized that the review is wholly insignificant if put side-by-side with the actual work. The book clearly explains how these lies are made against Muslims and then successfully used to justify their extermination.

There is undoubtedly something gravely wrong with the world today. In place of religion, ethics (of every specialty) is introduced, but its transgression is not uncommon, even at the top international ranks. Al-Djazairi explains in the book how BBC, a supposedly independent and unbiased-reporting media, acted as a military propaganda in the Iraq war. The same station also showed inconsistent reporting, saying one thing when it suits their interest, and saying another when it doesn’t.

I am very much enlightened when the author again emphasized that he strongly believe, from historical realities, that much of the chaos in Iraq today is the work of US intelligence, although we daily see it as a strife between two previously harmonious communities that could live together. He did not lay down much proof for this, but let’s keep the option open.

The thing with truth is; it is ever consistent. With falsehood, contradictions will surface every now and then. So let the thinking minds judge for themselves, whose depiction of reality they want to ingest.

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