The Power of Israel in the United States

‘Too many instances of this nature’ is very unlikely to be a mere coincidence. From the Denmark’s insulting of the Prophet to Iran’s nuclear threat, the outcomes serve Israel invariably- and many times have they inflicted US’ reputation. The Europeans even, are now slowly shunning from the US, with France taking the lead.

Professor James Petras has done a good job in analyzing the facts with an eagle’s eyes view, thus sewing the puzzle into one hidden reality within an evil agenda. There are too many examples supporting his theory, and it is much less inconsistent than other hasty accusations blaming the Big Oil or WMD.

That is as far a statement I can make. By no means can we, by reading one or two books, tell ourselves that this is definitely happening and that is not, this is absolutely right and that is not, and so on and so forth. Eventually the reality and truth will come to light, if not here, there in the Last Judgment. Try appreciate and understand this from the spirit of al-Qur’an, more specifically through your journey into al-Anfaal or better still al-Haaqqah.
Should you want to discuss the matter further, it is very much my pleasure. The book certainly has incomparably much more to offer than my far-from-perfect review.

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