President's Statement

The Muslims have always very much revered the teaching and accounts of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). A glimpse at the invaluable history depicts how hard he and his companions had struggled to ensure the spread of Islam. They faced severe oppositions, oppressive treatments, and unexpected trials all along the path they determined to walk. Nevertheless, their successes have pulled a myriad of admirations especially from the subsequent generations who ardently wish to revive and rejuvenate Islam, bringing it back to its once highly regarded status.

The peace and world order Islam stored some time ago was clearly recorded and recognized by any sound historians. Wherever the army reaches, the soil is planted the seeds of Islam, gently and carefully, only to win localities’ affection and later becoming fruit-bearing trees. The soldiers might have looked fierce and solemn during the battle, but they were the nicest and most well-mannered towards the civilians. They understood the significance and urgency of each war they waged: with the forts and citadels standing in power, the oppressed will never have the option- let alone freedom- to choose. How beautiful and blessed was the message and its dissemination!

Fortunately for us, the barricade and castles are no longer intact, rendering wars much less relevant these days. The message needs a new vector to ride on. If Muslims are serious about inviting people to Islam, the call desperately needs a genuinely pure means; relevant to today’s social atmosphere and development. The visible barriers might have no longer existed, but that by no means rule out its invisible and intangible form. Ideologies, politics, education, media, protocols, and regulations- to name but a few- might work better than stone walls in safeguarding power and maneuvering oppressions.

The Muslims have to rise. Not just that, they have to do it wisely, full of insight and deliberateness. This mission is old, but the method required is anew. The promise God gave will definitely come to light- no doubt in that. It is now entirely on us to decide whether we are part of it or not.

Ahmad Safwan Ahmad Kamal Hayati
MSF Founder & President

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