To change the world by first growing Malaysian society in a scholarly atmosphere


MSF will become the centre of reference in scholarship, offering many fields of mastery, holding perpetual events of knowledge interchange


·To create understanding on the importance of reading
·To instill awareness and enthusiasm in reading; among members
·To promote a scholarly attitude towards knowledge
·To set up a foundation for scholars to gather, easing the process of compiling and collating knowledge
·To found an independent library with features meeting all the needs of scholarship by 2019


  1. Salam

    I really appreciate your enthusiasm in working towards your vision;To change the world by first growing Malaysian society in a scholarly atmosphere.

    I see that you are not the first to start this kind of work. There are thousand of websites out there working on the same objective and may be much more established with bigger circle of influence.

    Sharing and reviewing books are good, but you would not go far if you're only focusing on this. Reading books are good for widening your perspective and views. But basic fardhu ain , like what Hamza Yusuf said, is the most crucial. We don't want people to just accept everything that they read and start to adapt some ideas contradicting to Islam (Liberalisme, Nasionalisme etc) Islam is more than knowledge seeking.

    You must appreciate that malaysians are not from those who are educated and knowledge seeking type. Those who come from intellectual families(ie. both parents are doctors or lecturers) would find it difficult to understand this. There are those who are from kampung, those from warung and kedai kopi, and farmers. THE GRASS ROOTS. There are BETTER way to include them in your vision to change, a more REALISTIC way.

    I am not against you, but my advise is don't feel you are intelligent and you know everything in this world after reading some books. Don't be too idealistic, and please act realistic according to the situation(ie. your own country, your own people way of thinking).
    Any way, thanks for reading my comment.

  2. salam mata,

    I would agree to most of what you're saying, the fact that there are thousands of websites out there with the same objectives should not deter our hopes and enthusiasms in working towards a better society.it just shows that we're indeed not alone. reading is just one of the many ways to improve our society. in fact, i don't really think that reading would be a culture among malays, probably not in 10 years time. but seeking knowledge should be our main concern, especially for muslims and it is also very crucial to equip people with the ability to differentiate between rights and wrongs, and to know the presence of many ideologies which are contradicting to Islam as you mentioned. the society must at least be able to think on their own in certain issues instead of merely dependent on some scholars, ministers, etc. to decide. this would of course excluding some islamic matters such as Fiqh which must be referred to those qualified. it might be difficult to change the GRASS ROOTS, but it is not IMPOSSIBLE to change the younger generations, university students for the very least. yes, there are better ways to include the society in our vision, and we're working towards it, this is just a beginning insya Allah. thanks to mata for bringing up this issues :)