Return of the Pharaoh

Excellently written, with simple language; engaging, full of motivations. How people like these were chosen by Allah to lead the martyrs of their time- something to ponder on.

I definitely admire and am in astonishment in the degree of patients they exhibit. When one can understand that these are derived from their intimacy with Allah, I still wonder- what made their oppressors (in the regime) so cold-blooded, wicked, and heartless? They saw how saintly and pious she was; persevering throughout the trials, spoke not but truth. They heard the message of truth, conveyed in between the whips, kicks, and punches they heinously delivered.

True are the words of Allah, that He guides whomever He wills, and leads astray whomever He wills. When a heart is veiled, the sun will not be seen even in a bright day. What else is left for us but to ask for His mercy and guidance?

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