Hamas: Unwritten Chapters

H – Harakat
M – al-Muqawamah
S – al-Islamiyah

Hamas; the Islamic Resistance Movement. It’s good to read this book, for me at least. I’ve learnt to know and accept the fact that in this world it is greed that governs some people, and they would do anything- even if it’s unimaginably spiteful- to safeguard their own wealth, self-importance, and positions. Of course Allah has prepared them an appropriate ‘reward’ in the Hereafter.

Obviously the review is not even close to satisfying your knowledge on Hamas. If you have any relevant questions that I might be able to help answer, please post them in the comments section below.

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  1. salam, of course the book is so good, who's the writer? the prominent figure, Dr. Azzam Tamimi! another book written by him on the same topic is Hamas: A History From Within. Another book that we should read about Hamas is Inside Hamas (by Zaki Chehab)

    By the way, the media are so biased about Hamas, Hamas is always labelled as terrorist oraganization, militant group, jihadist, bla3! Phooey!!! it's so damn hard to find references that could provide us a clear and truthful picture about Hamas!