Humanism in Islam

I don’t know if Dr Boisard is a muslim- if that even matters. But from the unwavering stand and convincing arguments he presented in almost every issue he touched on, he must’ve have a deep-rooted conviction in the truth of this religion.

The abundance of Islamic conferences and talks these days allows me to listen to debates and explanations that seek to brush away the endless misconceptions on Islam. Nevertheless, I’m still astonished by the arguments this book presents. Not only that he talked about the typical issues of women, slavery, jihad and jizyah- even the basic tenets of Islam were made clear.

This work sought to weigh Islam on the scale of humanism, and it has successfully done so (to an extent). The ideas and arguments it presents with respect to this field (humanism) is invaluable, though some weaknesses quickly manifest themselves when he had to dwell on issues that are foreign to his expertise.

Some of you might be interested in this work, since we can’t ourselves help but hearing many people having scanty or even adulterated understandings of Islam. I’ll be happy to be a little ambassador of this book to share the message among those who are interested.

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