Islamic Resurgence in South Africa

An interesting book, but very academic and may be dull to some. The MYM (Muslim Youth Movement) makes a good case study for other movements in the world; there are so many similarities to serve as reminders, and differences to be appreciated as new learning.

Islam in the community, anywhere, has always been stained with histories of shameful disputes on frivolous matters, which I sometimes get really annoyed about. This opens a massive opportunity for our enemies to claim their attacks infallible- and this is certainly not favourable for anyone. In Islam, there is no need to argue on the peripheral matters- Allah himself is not in need of such incidents. Us living in peace as implied and endorsed by our Islamic greeting is far more pleasing to Allah than would our quarrels on small matters.

Please refer to one of my books earlier. I think it’s absolutely important for every Muslim to know the fiqh of disagreeing.

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